February 2016
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Visit Science Central, Indiana’s Premier Interactive Museum

It’s hard to get kids excited about math and science. Often seen as difficult or even “nerdy,” many students struggle with these subjects in a traditional classroom setting because they’re never learned how to make them interesting. Research even confirms that the United States has fallen significantly behind other developed countries in these areas. So [...]

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Safe and Sound in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne isn’t any more dangerous than anywhere else in the country, but it’s still important to make sure you are safe and sound. Listed below are a few ways you can keep the home and the family safe during your stay, however long, in Fort Wayne. 1.) Change out the door and locks. Most [...]

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Fort Wayne, Voted “Most Livable City”

Fort Wayne, Indiana was recently voted the county’s “Most Livable City,” and with good reason. Fort Wayne boasts great attractions, a modest cost of living, great schools and amenities and a plethora of great shops, restaurants, museums, theaters and parks for its residents. With its big city amenities and small town charm, Fort Wayne offers [...]

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Festivals of Fort Wayne

Whether you’re visiting Fort Wayne, Indiana for the first time or you’ve lived there a few years, you may not have realized all the festivals held in this fair city. But if you’re looking for a good excuse to get out of the house then check out this list, put on your walking shoes, fire [...]

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Fort Wayne is Named After General “Mad” Anthony Wayne

During the Revolutionary war, the United States Army built a series of forts. Fort Wayne just happened to be the last one built. Fort Wayne is Named After General “Mad” Anthony Wayne. Things have sure changed since then, Fort Wayne is the second largest city in Indiana. When vising this wonderful city, one will not [...]

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Fort Wayne is Over 200 Years Old

Fort Wayne, Indiana is a picturesque city near the Ohio and Michigan borders that is situated along the St. Joesph river and was originally established in 1794 as a Army Fort during the campaign against the American Indians. It was named after General Anthony Wayne from A general the Revolutionary War. The city now well [...]

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Fort Wayne: “All America City” Award Winner

Fort Wayne Indiana has won the “All America City” award three times, in 1982 1998 and 2009, putting this city in this award’s hall of fame. Only ten communities per year are recognized as recipients for this national award. Fort Wayne’s motto is “All Together Now.” this northeasters Indiana community has been recognized for many [...]

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Fort Wayne: Indiana’s Second Largest City

Fort Wayne is the 75th largest city in America. Named during the revolutionary war after Anthony Wayne, this city was established by the United Stated Army. As of 2010 around 253,691 people, called Fort Wayne home. Voted one of the best places to live, this city received the All-America City Award, in 2009, 1998, and [...]

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